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     [root@mylinux ~]# mail

     Mail version 8.1 6/6/93. Type ? for help.

     "/var/spool/mail/root": 2 messages 2 new

     >N 1 root@localhost.local Mon Dec 31 04:02 67/2018 "LogWatch for mylinux"

     N 2 root@localhost.local Sun Jan 6 04:02 53/1689 "LogWatch for mylinux"

     & help //进入帮助

     Mail Commands

     t type messages //程序调用more显示消息,后接单个消息号或是一个范围,如t 1 或者t 1-2

     n goto and type next message //显示下一条消息,常用

     e edit messages //程序会调用vi编辑消息

     f give head lines of messages //给出指定消息的消息头

     d delete messages //删除消息,并没有实际删除

     s file append messages to file //将消息附加到指定文件后

     u undelete messages //还原删除的消息

     R reply to message senders //回复邮件

     r reply to message senders and all recipients //回复邮件给发送者与其它接收者

     pre make messages go back to /usr/spool/mail //将邮件放回/usr/spool/mail,其实邮件本来就在这个目录,但当你阅读后,保存退出,邮件会转移,并附加到/root/mbox这个文件里

     m mail to specific users //将邮件发给特定用户

     q quit, saving unresolved messages in mbox //退出,保存未处理的邮件

     x quit, do not remove system mailbox //退出,不从/usr/spool/mail删除已处理的邮件

     h print out active message headers //显示活动的邮件头,常用

     ! shell escape //打印!

     cd [directory] chdir to directory or home if none given //改变当前工作目录

     A consists of integers, ranges of same, or user names separated

     by spaces. If omitted, Mail uses the last message typed.


     A consists of user names or aliases separated by spaces.

     Aliases are defined in .mailrc in your home directory.



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